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Torniquete que para las hemorragias en 5 segundos

En nuestros momentos de investigación en la web nos topamos con una empresa de productos médicos que realmente ha desarrollado un producto que es para quitarse el sombrero; un nuevo torniquete que para las hemorragias graves en un instante.

La empresa es Norteamericana  y se llama STAT Medical Devices y el producto se llama STAT Tourniquet.

Como una imagen vale mas que 1000 palabras y un video debe valer unas 10.000 les dejamos la explicación del Torniquete mas eficaz que hemos encontrado.

Les dejamos tambien un texto en ingles con más detalles sobre el producto y su uso:

S.T.A.T.®  Tourniquet


Made In The USA

What's different about S.T.A.T.® ?

1. Timer
    Starts Counting Once Activated.

2. Precision Tightening
     Tighten In 2 Millimeters Increments.

3. Visible Instructions
     Instructions Printed On Tourniquet.

4. Releasable Lever
    Used to Remove Tourniquet for Surgery.

5. Locking mechanism
    Automatic Self-Locking.

6. Bullet Resistant
    Tourniquet Re-Seals After Being Shot.

7. Safety Release Cover
    Release lever Safety For Transport.

8. Finger Loop
    Allows For Extra Grip While Applying.

 S.T.A.T.®  Tourniquet is the only tourniquet that can be used on limb sizes as small as 20mm.

Keep up to 50  S.T.A.T.®  Tourniquets preloaded for grab and go rapid response.

Child proof release lever so tourniquet wont come off .

Timestrip® self-counting liquid timer to help triage victims.

Timestrip® Timer

Once tourniquet is applied, a first responder can activate the liquid timer, place in safety position, and then proceed to the next person .

Time, name, and info can also be written with a marker on the tourniquet strap. 

Any long remainder that is left of the tail can be cut off with a pair or scissors.

S.T.A.T.® MCI Carabiner

Keep up to 50 S.T.A.T.®  Tourniquets preloaded on a carabiner for Grab and Go Rapid Response.

Pediatric Tourniquet

Can be used on limb sizes as small as 20mm.

Easy 5 second application.

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