How to disarm a FORMULA

(This is a translation of the original note written in Spanish)


It is easy for people who achieve a good combination in their joint work, put together a FORMULA, install it and position it. And when that FORMULA is the architect of total success, disintegrating that partnership that was the focus of public appreciation is a difficult task. It is not impossible, of course not, but it will require very careful analysis of what strategy to carry out so that both regain their identity and the public values them individually. We see it followed in the Political FORMULAS, which are put together and disarmed thanks to teams of strategy advisors that will make you choose them again.

can y demet - chinstrap


The same is true in the artistic medium, we were spectators of the fantastic FORMULA composed by Can Yaman & Demet Özdemir, the protagonists of Erkenci Kuş. In this family series, suitable for all audiences, careful in what they ‘showed’, we were convinced that their love pierced the screen. A perfect and unbeatable chemical composition, which was awarded and recognized in Turkey as abroad winning thousands of fans around the world. And if you also tell the information and rumors that this love was still off set, let me tell you that you will need a lot of strength to lift the anchor and set sail for a new destination or project.

But, what happens when the series ends and the protagonists must take a new job? How can we get the audience to agree to see them with a new partner without “attacking” against the previous FORMULA that has been tattooed on the viewer’s heart? It will be a challenge for producers, marketing experts and advertisers to convince the public of that acceptance in a new story, the goal of which will be no more or less than to install a new FORMULA.



The first to try to break the paradigm was Demet Özdemir, who taking the opposite path to romantic comedy, stars today, with the talent that we are accustomed to ¨Doğduğun Ev Kaderindir ¨ (the house where you were born), a true drama, by the hand of Ibrahim Çelikkol.

Why him? Let us begin by highlighting that he is a very dear, talented and experienced Turkish actor.  But, from our point of view, we understand that there was an essential component in the search for the profile that is related to the personal life of the actor: low profile, married and with family.  Are you surprised? Not to us, because that detail that does not seem important will be the unconscious guarantee of the acceptance sought.  Even the actor who appears as her partner in the first chapter meets the same requirements. Chance? No.

On Demet’s part, it was also key to keep their private life out of exposure, of course, those of us who know the media business, we know what happens in the face of a lack of information, but this is what we’ll talk about later. Even a minor detail that the press has installed, at the time of ending Erkenci Kuş, the belief that Demet had fought with Can Yaman and that not only did she not want to know more about him, but also that she was in relationship with the success they did together. This supposed dissociation undoubtedly favored the welcome to the new FORMULA.  And if they put even more inventive and creativity into this, they could even convince us that the actress had hired a company to remove from the internet search engines any trace that the relationship affectionately with Can Yaman. How lucky that many of us read the news wisely and don’t believe everything they postǃ

THE FORMULA Demet & Ibrahim was accepted, perhaps not with the absolute fanaticism that the CANDEM & CANEM FORMULA. We can interpret that this is due to several reasons, firstly Can & Demet had left the rod very high at the level “LEGENDARYDUO”, what they transmitted together was really magical. Second, the new story doesn’t give rise to moments that show the madness of two lovers who seek each other with soul and life until their eyes connect and sparks emerge like fireworks. We should also keep in mind that the audience that viewers of a romantic comedy like Erkenci Kuş differs from that of the drama, because in the first we will be able to find children and teenagers that catch them a romantic and funny story, even more so when it is starring young influencers. Similarly, the number of older people who prefer to abstract themselves from a reality with drops of sadness, with a story that invites you to laugh and dream, is superior.



After serving in his country and spending time in “boxes”, came a project that caught Can’s attention and the time to embark on the adventure bound for BayYanış (Mr. Incorrect) has arrived.

Preparing the ground for what is to come, Can shared images of his life showing mostly alone or with his mother, without fans or situations where he could see him with some company.

Prior to this enthusiasm and expectation, some “brains” have analyzed how to put together a new FORMULA.  What did they choose Özge Gürel?  But hadn’t the press told that no one wanted to work with him again? Maybe you feel cheated, it’s not for less, so the press works, how lucky you didn’t believe them againǃ

The chosen profile, arguably, is that ‘kill two birds with one stone’. A safe bet, hand in hand with this talented, versatile and beautiful actress with whom Can has already shared the lead in “Donulay”. Both Özge and Can are very much loved abroad, especially in Italy and Spain, which allows us to project the commercialization of the series outside Turkey. And of course, there was no shortage of the ingredient we suggest: Özge has been in a couple for many years with a talented, attractive and well-known actor, while keeping both a low profile, in a relationship that we might call “sweet, durable and pastel color”. Will we let Özge kiss Can? Of course!


THE PRESS – That Partner / Evil Needed

Always remember that the press will collaborate in the promotion of the actors, their series and illuminate them with the most powerful focus to capture everyone’s gaze, but this is not free. In exchange for this ‘service’ they will need a kind of “coima”, said in other words, they will want to be part of the business, of that brightness that they themselves helped to illuminate (and that they almost believe that the actor owes them their popularity). How will they do that?

Do you think a magazine sells because the headline announces who the actor was inspired to develop his new character? No, let’s be fooled. The press will need as currency PRIVATE LIFE INFORMATION, this is non-negotiable. Some Hollywood actors, experienced in the subject (who have already gone through all kinds of situations), usually generate their own rumors and the press operators will deal with the distribution. They will eventually deny them, but in the meantime, the magazines achieved the expected sales. Romances, acquisitions, investments, how much they earn, who they’re fighting, what they did on their vacation, how much they spent, who they spent the night before, and even what religion they’re dabbling into to find inner peace. Do you understand how it works?

Now, what happens when this balance ¨I give you – you give me” breaks? Well, you as a faithful follower of Can and Demet witnessed many slander, remember?

Can and Demet long to keep their private life in a safe under 7 keys and with exclusive access through their fingerprint. They will debunk, deny, hide, omit, distract, and if necessary lie to keep their eyes to another place.

Occasionally they share a photo of their pets, some language they learn, a dance and how they are generous kids, some solidarity action that help spread.  But this for the press, it’s not enough, they can entertain them only for a few hours. Then, in the face of this ‘unbalance’ they are “forced” to invent the famous rumors of courtships, fights and situations that infuriate the fans.

How sad we get when we read the opinion of many Turkish ladies prejudging Demet for the number of boyfriends attributed to him by the press. Or when many claim that Can and Demet hate each other. Please don’t be ridiculous! Hate is not part of these kids’ language.


LAST STEP: ‘Self-agreement: If you buy it, you can sell it

Resuming our discussion on THE FORMULA, we cannot omit to refer to the brief note that can was made yesterday at the departure of Gold Film, after the meeting with the members of BayYanış

¨Out of courtesy, the first questions he was asked were about how he was and the new series. After the press’s “gentileza” was over, they quickly inserized the recent rumour made with editing techniques, by a character of little value, who would have built an image with a false conversation with Can. Of course, it had already been explained by his press advisor, which was an absurd lie with Photoshop.

But the worst happened then, understand this well, from the commercial point of view on the way to the launch of your new series, when asked about his relationship with ¨Demet = PREVIOUS FORMULA¨. They pointed to ‘if they made peace’. Then, began to circulate different translations from the original Turkish that divided the audience according to their interpretation.  Let us remember that at the world there are few who perfectly master the Turkish language, outside Turkey, with the level of a ¨native¨’, however much many can understand single words or make a literal translation word for word.

Many interpreted the question as whether we wanted to know if there was a friendly reconciliation, leaving behind the so-called “fight or angry situation” (that made-up discord I mentioned earlier). On the contrary, others interpreted the question as to whether there was a “love reconciliation”. Which of the two interpretations is correct? Neither, both or just one, does it matter? No.

The important thing strategically in this instance is to take distance from everything that can relate them to the FORMULA Candem & Canem, because both Can and Demet choose to continue to grow in their artistic careers, choose to be part of this medium and choose that their private life, be private.

We are confident that these sweet and hardworking guys will continue to learn day by day, achieving their professional & personal goals. Increasingly developing, the tactical knowledge that will bring them closer to a healthy and non-defamatory balance with the press.



Do we ever tell you about our TOPO Theory? We can divide them (topo = reporting mole) in 3 (three) types without evaluating the quality of the information, but how they give it.  1) The PRICE TOPO you charge for reporting, is an infiltrator or is close to one. 2) The SPEAKER TOPO, the one who heard something and freely distributes the information, carrying and bringing, just because it has a big mouth.  And finally 3) The Innocent TOPO, is that person who, with a distance not so distant, who has feelings so noble and strong that it cannot avoid “highlighting” when false information begins to circulate.

Tonight, fans of CANDEM & CANEM, can thank Ms. No. 3 with a fair profile, are likely to be able to continue wearing their pink lenses. Say no more.

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